Piano Lessons with Rachael

Adult beginner? Don’t be scared!

Would you love to learn to play the piano but feel that it’s too late for you to learn something new? Have you always wished you could play just a few of your favourite songs, but worry that you have no musical talent at all?

It is never too late! I’ve taught adults of all ages, most of whom had zero musical experience or training when they started lessons.

Here are some real stories:

One student in his late-70s began piano lessons with me after getting frustrated with a lack of progress when teaching himself from books and video tutorials. Having no prior musical training or experience, we worked through technical exercises and a range of pieces to build up strength and co-ordination in the hands. Within 18 months, he’d passed his grade 1 exam! With a thirst for musicals and Broadway pieces, we decided to leave the piano grading syllabus for a while and concentrate on learning pieces that the student loved. His fortnightly lessons are relaxed and fun as we tackle issues which arise in pieces he loves to play.

Another student started piano lessons as a fun way to relax in between her busy job and family life. With her natural attention to detail, we studied theory, worked on scales, and took a thorough and precise approach to every piece. Achieving merits in both her grade 1 and 2 exams, she is now working towards her grade 3 exam, whilst also enjoying the challenge of playing a favourite pop song. Her determined and methodical approach is inspiring.

A doctor by profession, another student began lessons to achieve her dream of playing a piano piece on her wedding day. She found piano lessons to be a great way to relax from her stressful job and often described her weekly lessons as therapeutic. She practised and practised with her goal in mind, and soon her wedding day came around. In the lesson after her wedding, she showed me a video of her playing: she was sat at the piano in her beautiful white dress, playing the piece we had worked together on for months, with her family and friends all around her. The work was all hers, but I felt proud!

Another student in her 60s began lessons with me just because she loves music. “I’ve told myself that I’ll stick at it for six months and see if I get anywhere,” she told me. She picks challenging pieces that she loves the sound of, and practises when she can, in between her other hobbies and commitments. More than three years later, and she still continues her fortnightly lessons playing purely for her own enjoyment – no grand goal in mind; just playing music because it’s fun. I admire her perseverance, and always look forward to our lessons.

I could easily write about all of my adult students. Each has a story. Their goals and experiences are always vastly different and I love finding them out.

But one thing a lot of my adult piano students do have in common is that they were nervous about starting lessons. One lady told me she’d kept my phone number written down on a piece of paper in her kitchen for three weeks before she plucked up the courage to call me. Another student – a successful businessman and outwardly confident guy – began joint lessons with his (somewhat reluctant!) daughter, before continuing lessons on his own.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played an instrument before.
It doesn’t matter if the idea of reading sheet music terrifies you.
It doesn’t matter if you think you have no sense of rhythm, or can’t sing a note.

It’s never too late to start. And I’m really not too scary at all…!

Shoot me an email or give me a call – your first lesson is free!


“I’ve always wanted to be able to play the piano but life seemed to get in the way. For my 69th birthday, my son bought me three piano lessons with Rachael. That was two years ago! Last year I took my Grade 1 and, much to my amazement, I passed and am now working towards taking Grade 2 in a few months time.

Rachael is a lovely person and her teaching style is relaxed and encouraging but, at the same time, she has a unique way of getting the best out of her students. I really look forward to my lessons and feel I have made incredible progress!” – Jill, student.

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