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Blog – Piano lessons in the Brighton and East Sussex area


Saltdean Piano Recital, 2019

Last month, my students got together to perform exam pieces, current favourites, some Christmassy tunes, and other pieces that they’ve been working on! It was so lovely to have my students and their families join us in celebrating the hard work that they have all put in. A small group ...
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Christmas Piano Jam, 2018

On 5th December 2018, my students performed in a relaxed piano recital at the DeJa Vu Café on the South Coast Rd in Peacehaven. Some of the performances included an improvised Christmas Blues piece, lots of Christmas carols, an own composition, some Little Mix arrangements, two students performing a duet ...
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Duet Workshops!

Over the summer, I offered duet workshops to some students. The idea was for students to have an opportunity to work on ensemble skills, as well as meet other students working at a similar level, and have fun! Here, two of my adult students worked together over two one-hour sessions. ...
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Piano lessons

Junior Recital: November 2017

It was a pleasure to hold our Junior Recital at the Telscombe Civic Centre in November 2017. Students ranged from complete beginners (Iciar is 4 years old and had only had 3 piano lessons!) to teenagers working towards grade 3 ABRSM exams. There were a lot of duets, and even ...
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Piano Lessons with Rachael

Adult beginner? Don’t be scared!

Would you love to learn to play the piano but feel that it’s too late for you to learn something new? Have you always wished you could play just a few of your favourite songs, but worry that you have no musical talent at all? It is never too late! ...
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Piano books

Piano Books

Here are links to purchase books I regularly use when I'm teaching... ...
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From slowest to fastest: Larghissimo – very, very slow (24 bpm and under) Grave – very slow (25–45 bpm) Largo – broadly (40–60 bpm) Lento – slowly (45–60 bpm) Larghetto – rather broadly (60–66 bpm) Adagio – slow and stately (literally, “at ease”) (66–76 bpm) Adagietto – slower than andante (72–76 bpm) Andante – at a walking pace (76–108 bpm) Andantino – slightly faster than Andante (although ...
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