Duet Workshops!

Over the summer, I offered duet workshops to some students. The idea was for students to have an opportunity to work on ensemble skills, as well as meet other students working at a similar level, and have fun!

Here, two of my adult students worked together over two one-hour sessions. Neither had played a duet before (apart from with me in lessons), and I think both students were a little nervous about the whole thing!

In the first session, we looked over the music, worked on counting together, and began to work on the first half of the piece. Two weeks later, we had our second session. Both students had had chance to practice their own parts. We worked on timings, ironed out some problem areas, practised with the metronome and started to think about dynamics.

To finish the final session, we took a couple of videos to analyse the performance. Here is the final video!

It is not a perfect performance. But I think we did a great job! It was fun to put together a duet piece, and it challenged both students in different ways – staying in time, avoiding pausing or gaps in the music, counting together, and knowing when to continue playing or stop (or improvise!)

I’ll definitely be running more duet workshops!

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