Have you ever wanted to learn to play the piano?
Whatever your age, experience or goal, I can teach you!

Imagine sitting down at a piano, and playing your favourite piece of music.  Maybe it's by Chopin, or Elton John, or Scott Joplin.  Imagine effortlessly sight-reading music from notation.  Or improvising your own arrangements over a chord pattern.

The skills involved in learning and playing the piano are too numerous to mention: appreciation of music as art, emotional connection with sound, creative expression, improving motor skills, developing listening skills, increasing focus and attention, context of history and sociology as related to music...   Let me take you on this wonderful journey!

I’m a fully qualified secondary music teacher, who has taught piano since 2000. My students have ranged from 2 years old to 80+ years old, and complete beginners are always welcome! Everyone has a different learning style, and I’ll aim to find that with you so that you learn as quickly as possible.

Many of my students speak English as a second or third language (native languages including Thai, Portugese, Japanese, Chinese, and Romanian). I have also taught piano within mental health facilities, working with students with schizophrenia and depression.

I’m a flexible teacher, and work at your pace. Some of my students want to learn pop, classical, or blues. Some want to take grade exams, others just want to play for fun – it’s up to you!

I really look forward to my lessons and feel I have made incredible progress!

– Jill, student.

Rachael, you’re such a good teacher - thank you! I really enjoy my lessons and am enjoying my practice. Things are “going in” - for some reason it seems to be sticking with me now how to understand time signatures properly!  Thanks for keeping me moving forward!  I feel like I have now left base camp on this mammoth journey and am on my way to getting into the foothills!  Thank you so much. 

– Deon, student.

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